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Vocational Technical Training

USD No. 358 BOE has adopted the policy that members of the junior and senior class may attend classes of the Area Vocational Technical School for credit toward high school graduation. Any member of the junior or senior class that is interested in the program should check with the counselor/principal’s office immediately. Students are encouraged to take college classes during their senior year. Dual credit can be earned.

To go to the CCCC Vo-Tech program in the morning or afternoon, the student must be enrolled in three classes at Oxford, have principal approval, and must maintain a 2.5 GPA. The student must be accepted by CCCC, provide transportation, and book/tool costs. Oxford will pay for the student’s tuition. A student wishing to apply for this program must meet all requirements and deadlines and assumes responsibility for making the program fit into his/her schedule.

If there are limited class offerings and opportunities, seniors who wish to earn credit will be allowed to attend morning and afternoon classes at CCCC with the approval of administration / counselor. This will be reserved for students who are on track to meet board of regent’s requirements and have at least a 2.75 GPA.

Students who are enrolled in a vocation education class at CCCC and whose tuition fee is paid by USD 358 will reimburse the district the full tuition amount if Cowley removes the student from the course for academic or disciplinary reasons.