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Schedule Changes

Making schedule changes before the new semester begins may be made ONLY 

  • during the first week of school
  • one week before Christmas Break

Schedule changes will only be made with permission of both the parents and the administration. Your schedule may possibly be changed after the second day of school. Students are to attend class according to their schedule. If a student wishes to make a class change, they must meet one of the following requirements:

  • The teacher and administration believes is academically in the best interest of the

    student to change classes.

  • A student’s schedule must be changed in order to allow the student to meet

    graduation requirements.

  • The student’s schedule must be changed to balance class loads of the teachers.

  • The student has a medical problem that would affect his performance in class. This would usually be in the case of physical education. Such a claim must be supported by a doctor’s statement that includes diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.