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Graduation Requirements from Oxford High School

Total Carnegie credits needed for graduation is twenty-four. Credits must be earned in the following subject matter areas:

English 4                               Natural Science 3                   Mathematics 3                                 History/Government 3 

Physical Education 1             Fine Arts 1                             Personal Financial Literacy 1         Electives 8

  • English shall include reading, writing, literature, communication and grammar.

  • Mathematics shall include algebraic and geometric concepts (Algebra I, Geometry,

    Algebra II, and higher level courses)

  • Science shall include physical, biological, and earth/space science concepts.

  • History/Government shall include United States history, World history, United States  government, concepts of economics and geography, and Kansas history and government.

  • Physical education shall include health

  • Fine Arts shall include arts, music, and forensics. 

    Graduation Requirements for Valedictorian and Salutatorian

    In order to be eligible for the honor of being named Valedictorian or Salutatorian, a graduating senior must have completed the following courses: four units of English, three units of mathematics, three units of social studies, three units of natural science, two units of foreign language. This is the Kansas Board of Regents recommended curriculum. To be eligible for Valedictorian or Salutatorian awards a student must attend Oxford High School during both semesters of the senior year unless prior approval from the BOE. 

    NCAA Regulations

    Students planning on participating in athletics at the Division I or Division II level of the NCAA will need to complete thirteen (13) core classes and have a minimum ACT score and minimum GPA. The student-athlete must enroll in the designated classes beginning with their freshman year in high school. Basic requirements are a 2.0 GPA in the following courses

    4 English courses   Algebra   Geometry   2 science courses    2 social studies courses   2 core elective courses 

    1 additional math, science, or English course

    Only NCAA approved courses count as core courses. An application form must be filled out and sent in by the student at the end of the junior year. See you counselor for more information and for help. 

    College Scholarships (Regent’s Recommended Curriculum for College)

    These courses are required beginning in the fall of 2001 in order for a student to be considered a “State Scholar”. If a student is named a “State Scholar”, the student may be eligible to receive scholarship money if the student attends a state school or a private school in Kansas.

    4 units of English (not inc. speech, journalism, or debate/forensics 

    3 units of science (biology, chemistry, and physics)

    4 units of math – to include an advance math
    2 units of the same foreign language

    3 units of social science
    1 unit of computer technology